Join the #1 Mobile Mechanic Team in Toronto!

Complete flexibility

Work only when you want to, evenings, weekends, or full time.

Unbeatable pay

Make $50-$60 hourly. That’s 2 to 3 times what any shop and dealer is willing to pay you. It’s also Free to join.

Be your own boss

You are in total control. Choose where and when you want to work.

Upload Resume

Choose your location and Schedule

You have absolute control. It’s simple: Just tell us the hours that you are willing to work, along with the locations that you prefer to work in. We work within your parameters.

Focus on what you do best

Our existence is to make your life easier. We handle all of the marketing, booking, appointments, parts delivery, insurance and support. What we do for you, allows you to better build your core business of fixing cars and save time and money while doing it.

Great Pay

Our partnered mechanics make anywhere between $50-60 an hour based on skills and level of experience. They make a flat rate and we don’t send any warranty work.

It is free

Using Uchanics services is 100% free. We do not ask for upfront fees or charge any of our mechanics monthly.

No complex Jobs

Our main focus is simple repair and maintenance work. No engine overhauls or major transmission work.

How it Works

Sign up

Getting signed up is quick and easy


We contact you with local jobs in your area within the work hours that you have selected.


You decide to either accept or decline a job.

Get Paid

We deposit the money that you earned, from the jobs you completed, into your account on a bi-weekly basis.

Signing up for Uchanics is Simple

Booking a trusted mechanic has never been easier!

Send Resume

Fill out an application and send us your resume. If you have any questions call us 1-800-UCHANICS

The Interview

Because we are a community of mechanics we must ensure that everyone meets our high standards of quality. For this reason we require identity verification, an in person interview and a field and competency test.

Start Receiving Jobs

Once approved as a partner, you can start working immediately.