How it Works

Request a Service

Book a service online and our mechanics will come to your home or office to service your car. We make the entire process easy for you. Using our website and mobile apps, you can access the maintenance schedule of all your cars, get a fair and transparent price, book an appointment, make payments, access service history and get maintenance reminders. And since we don’t have the overhead cost of a shop, we are able to charge less while providing a convenient service.

Scheduling Your Appointment is Easy


  • What you think is wrong (e.g., "my car is shaking" or "I need new brakes")
  • The year, make, and model of your car
  • Your name, email address, phone number, and postal code.


We’ll provide a detailed list of the parts, services, and costs needed to service your car.

In most cases, we will provide a fair and transparent price instantly. All our mechanics have agreed to honor the quotes we provide. This ensures that there will be no need for negotiations or any last minute surprises.


Before you schedule your appointment, we provide your mechanic's certifications, work history, ratings and reviews from other customers. Our mechanics are available 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. Simply select a time that works for you and provide payment information to book your service. A credit card is required to book your appointment but we won't bill your card until the work is done, and of course you can always manage your booking 24/7 from our website or mobile app.

Mechanic Comes to You

7 days a week Uchanics will service your car at your home or office. On the date of your scheduled appointment our mechanic will come equipped with all of the tools, parts and skills necessary to service your vehicle. All that we require of you is a driveway or parking space where our mechanic can work.

The day before the appointment

  • As a reminder an automated email or text message will be sent to you on the day before your appointment.

The day of your appointment

  • When your mechanic is on the way we will send you a notification via text or email.
  • Are you having a busy day? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Just leave us your keys in a safe yet accessible area and we will do all the repairs while you’re away. To ensure your vehicle is serviced in a timely manner please avoid driving your car 30-mins before your appointment to keep the engine cool.
  • Our mechanic will arrive at your car at the scheduled time.

During your appointment

  • All of our mechanics are friendly and approachable, if you have any questions or concerns our mechanics are more than happy to assist you.
  • If need be our mechanic will properly dispose of all old car parts that he or she has replaced.

After your appointment

  • Upon completion of every service call, a vehicle report will be created and sent to you via email for your convenience.
  • Once we have completed servicing your vehicle, to your satisfaction, you will receive an email or text asking you to rate your experience with our mechanic. This helps to ensure that we continue to provide high quality vehicle care and impeccable customer service.

Easy Payments

A credit card will be required to book you appointment. At the present moment we do not accept cash or cheque payment forms. A hold will be placed on your credit card upon booking of a service but your credit card will not be billed until the work is completed.

Upon completion of every service event, a receipt will be issued that you can keep for your personal records. Receipts are beneficial for tax and accounting purposes if you are maintaining a company vehicle and receipts are also beneficial for personal purposes such as providing your car’s maintenance history to a potential buyer, if you ever decide to sell your vehicle.

Does your car require more or less service?

If our mechanic discovers that your car does not need all the services that you requested, those unneeded services will be removed and your bill will be lowered, right on the spot. However, if your car needs additional services, our mechanic will provide you with an itemized list of what you need. You of course have the power to add or decline any additional services. You are in complete control and will only pay for services your car needs and services that you consent to.

We guarantee high quality service

We work very hard to ensure that getting your car repaired on-site is easy, clean, fast, professional and safe.

We only hire the best

Here at Uchanics, our meticulous screening process ensures that we only hire the most qualified mechanics to join our team and service your vehicle. Each one of our mobile mechanics go through a rigorous vetting process that is designed to ensure that all of our customers receive only the highest quality of service.

Rest assured we are fully insured

If you hire just any mechanic it can be expensive or become a hassle if they do not have the proper insurance to work on your car. Avoid the stress and potential legal battle, all of our mechanics are covered by extensive industry grade liability insurance. Which insures your vehicle and your peace of mind.

Our Warranties

Repair and parts warranty:

We stand behind the quality of the car repair services that our mechanics provide. All of our repairs and parts come with a 12-month / 12,000-mile (whichever comes first) warranty. If any defects in workmanship arise within this period, we will work with you to resolve the issue at no additional cost.

All warranties are subject to certain conditions.

Property damage warranty:

All of our mechanics are professional and cautious and have been trained to show the utmost care and respect for the workspace in which all repairs occur. We guarantee that we will leave your property in the quality and condition in which we found it. If for some reason our actions / negligence directly denigrate the condition of your property you will be covered by our property damage warranty of up to $500.

General Disclaimer / Actions that may cause our warranties to become void.

If you pay the mechanic directly for any repair services and/or if the mechanic performs any job that is not authorized by Uchanics, our warranty does not apply. Only repair services ordered through Uchanics and paid to directly to Uchanics are covered by our warranties.

If you ordered a repair service where we did not perform the diagnostic, our warranty only covers the defect in the replacement. (e.g. if you ordered a battery replacement because your car was not starting, if the car does not start after replacing the battery, this warranty does not cover the "car not starting event.")

If after one of our mechanics performs a service(s), you have reason to believe the service(s) caused other problems, our warranty will be voided if you hire another mechanic (outside of Uchanics) to inspect or work on your car. If we send a mechanic to inspect the car and the inspection demonstrates that the problem was indeed been caused by the previous service, then the mechanic will fix the car at no cost to you. If the problem was caused by reasons outside of our initial service, the mechanic will bill you for the inspection and any further repair services that you authorize for them to perform through Uchanics.

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