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How A Pre Purchase Inspection Works

Searching for Car Inspection near me? Booking a licensed car inspection expert has never been easier!


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Contact us online or by phone to book our licensed car inspectors for a used car inspection. Prices starting at $140 (based on location). We Will only charge you once the car inspection is completed and you are fully satisfied.
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Our Licensed Mechanics Go To Sellers Location

Our licensed, mechanics will perform a 150 point end-to-end inspection, accessing the interior, exterior, under the body and under the hood, at the seller's location and take the car for a test drive. To busy? No worries our mechanic will go to the car location on your behalf

Receive Your Report

After the inspection for the used car is completed, we will send you a detailed report on the health of the vehicle along with pictures to your email you provided along with our suggestion if the car is worth it or not to buy.

How Much Does An Used Car Inspection Cost?


A used car inspection generally ranges from $100-$250 and can cover from 50-200 points in the vehicle inspection. Here at Uchanics we do not carry the expensive overhead of a shop, so that allows us to pass the savings on to you.



A pre-purchase inspection/ used car inspection is a vehicle inspection performed by a licensed mechanic, who will give the vehicle a thorough inspection to determine if it is in good condition in three important areas-

How it looks (no rust, dents etc)
How it performs (no mechanics defects)
How safe it is (no critical damage)

During your used car inspection, your mechanic will pinpoint any existing conditions and highlight potential issues that could arise in the future. They also make sure any previous damage has been properly repaired. By learning more about what's happening under the hood, you could end up more confident that you’re making a great purchase, move onto another vehicle, or negotiate a drop in price or have the repairs done before you buy the car.

Why You Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Provides a 150 point comprehensive end-to-end evaluation for your vehicle

  • Saves you thousands in unexpected future repairs.

  • Puts you in the “driver's seat” so you have more control.

  • Gives you peace of mind and confidence in your buying choice.

  • Gets you the maximum value for your money.

Do You Really Need A Car Inspection?

If you want to drive with greater peace of mind, knowing you’re unlikely to have any surprise breakdowns or repair bills, a pre purchase car inspection is definitely for you.

While dealers, private dealers or sellers, will often give you a history report, they don’t have to report on all the issues that may cause problems in the future. Additionally, not all vehicle accidents are reported, meaning there is no paper trail if the parties involved decided to settle the matters between themselves. Only a pre-purchase inspection can uncover these hidden and other issues so you don’t end up with a costly surprise.

Veteran personal finance columnist at the Toronto Star, Ellen Roseman says, “it's smart to pay for a vehicle inspection by an independent mechanic before signing a purchase agreement. Its worth every penny to get an objective view of the car's condition”

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Our Licensed Mechanics All Have 10+ Years Experience And Are Available In Over 20 Locations

Our licensed mechanics perform used car inspections on every type of vehicle from BMW, Mercedes to Toyota and Honda. Finding a car inspection in Toronto, Mississauga And Over 20 Other Cities In Ontario Has Never Been Easier!

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