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What Are Brake Pads And Rotors And Why Do You Need Them?

Depending on the year, make and model of your car, it may require between 4 – 8 brake pads. When you press down on the brake pedal, your car’s master cylinder releases pressurized brake fluid to the brake calipers (which hold the brake pads). The caliper presses the brake pad against the brake rotor, this causes friction that slows down your vehicle. During normal usage of the brakes, brake pads erode and become hinner. If the thickness of your brake pads is less than a quarter of an inch, it is time to change the pads. Depending on where you drive and how aggressively or conservatively you drive, brake pads usually last between 35,000 – 40,000 kilometers. Some vehicles (e.g. BMW’s, Mercedes’, etc) are equipped with a low-pad-warning system to notify drivers when to have their brake pads replaced. In these vehicles, the brake sensors will be replaced along with the brake pad during servicing.
A rotor is a part of a vehicle’s braking system; it is shaped like a dinner plate. The design of the rotor allows the heat produced by this process to be evenly dispersed throughout the braking system so it does not overheat.

Signs And Symptoms That Your Brake Pads
And Rotors Need Replacing

  • Clicking, grinding, scratching, squeaking, or screeching noise when you apply the brakes

  • Steering wheel vibration while braking.

  • Brake or low brake pad warning light is on.

  • Brake pedal pressure is lower than normal.

  • Brake pads appear too thin during inspection.

  • The car is dragging to the left or the right when pressing down brakes

How Important Is This Service?

Maintaining your car’s brakes is essential for road safety and is key to overall vehicle upkeep, especially for long-term ownership. Please, don’t overlook the importance of brake maintenance. Maintaining the cars brake system will prevent costly repairs in the future, and will keep your car in the best condition to avoid a collision. Furthermore, damaged brakes and rotors can progress to the point of brake failure. Brake failure is when your brakes do not engage and you vehicle does not stop, this will put drivers and passengers, other motorists and in danger.
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    Great Service Great prices. I got a quote from 4 different mechanic shop and these guys had the best price. I was a little skeptical because I have never used mobile mechanic service before, but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a go. The mechanic they sent was very knowledgeable and give me tips on how to better maintain my vehicle. Will definitely being using them forever
    Bradley Macdonald
    Bradley Macdonald
    00:24 16 Jul 18
    Love this service. Fast and Simple. My car wasn't starting and I had called Uchanics to figure out the reason why. The mechanic came to do a diagnostic and found out that it was the car starter. After he went to pick up the part and fixed it the same day. Great service and very nice people!
    wendy gomez
    wendy gomez
    21:18 11 Jul 18
    Excellent service. Great staff. A friend had told me about the company because I needed my radiator changed and I'm happy I took their advise. I will be using them again
    fredrick chow
    fredrick chow
    23:00 11 Jun 18
    They are very responsive and helpful. I sent in a request at 2PM today for a car inspection service within 5 hrs - they were very accommodating and were able to schedule a mechanic for me. Raymond arrived at my location on time and he was very friendly and thorough. He walked me through everything that he checked step by step and even taught me how to check some parts myself. They sent in a complete report to me within 2 hours and called to make sure everything went well after. Great and professional services, also very convenient! would definitely recommend
    Natalie Kou
    Natalie Kou
    03:38 23 Feb 18
    Uchanics rocks! They did my brakes and oil change and they did an amazing job. They took the time to listen to all my conerns and provided me with excellent service. Huge thanks to Damion and his crew.
    M Rose
    M Rose
    17:02 11 Jul 18
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